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About Alteri Fund

About the Alteri Fund

The Alteri Fund backs entrepreneurs solving important problems.
The time has come to explore a whole different approach to starting and growing new businesses.


We empower founders who have largely been passed over by mainstream VC firms. We create value in their businesses by developing their ideas, validating those ideas, and helping them scale.


Our investors believe in transforming the world through entrepreneurship. We can do this by seeking opportunities where other investors have not. We are on the cusp of the next big wave of investment opportunity.

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About Alteri Fund
Our Service

Our Vision

We believe there are enormous untapped opportunities ready to be funded, developed and scaled. They will create value for our investors, and impact for the rest of our community.

We select the best business ideas from the most promising underrepresented founders in North America. From there, we help them develop their business, expand their impact and leave the world a better place than it was before they launched their dream.

The majority of the fund’s founders are women, people of color, or from other socially disadvantaged groups like immigrants, LGBTQ, physically disabled, dyslexic and learning different. Their unique positions in these communities are their distinct advantage and these kinds of investments will be the next big wave of startup success stories.

We encourage investors who feel as we do to be a part of this next big wave.


93% of all venture funded founders are 25-35 year old white males. This is not a reflection of the population and we aim to change that.


There is massive opportunity in parts of our country that have been largely overlooked. We are open to all geographies and expect the next big thing from uncommon places like the “fly over states.”


The tech sector is overflowing with apps for affluent or middle class groups. Our founders are solving different problems.

Our Service
Our Work

Our Entrepreneurs

The Alteri Fund, a Denver-based firm, believes that transformative ideas come from all walks of life. We recognize that most social groups are underrepresented in the VC asset class and that this space is inadequately addressing where the fastest business growth is occurring and will continue to occur.

Our Work

Our Companies

We expect the next big thing to come from companies that see the world from perspectives that are valued today more than ever before. The companies we invest in are addressing demands within their communities that are universal among all of us.


Our Team

We believe diversity in our investments requires diversity from our team,
our investors, and mentors. In order to affect change in our world we must be diligent in creating an organization that reflects this belief.


Elliott Fey

General Partner

After founding 4 businesses with Laura and their partners, Elliott has chosen to mentor and invest where he can have the most impact.


Laura Fey

General Partner

Laura helps select our founders and connects them with people who can move the needle for their business.



If you want to make a difference, then you need to start with people
who understand big problems and how to solve them.

You need to find the founders and opportunities where they are,
not just in the 3 areas of the country where the largest VCs are.

You need to find disruptive ideas and technology that solve problems
compelling enough to motivate people to pay for them at scale.

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