October 9, 2018 Elliott Fey

Assertion #1

Underrepresented founders can produce the same or better returns than those of the current group represented in 93% of venture investments. We aim to invest in the “other” founders, develop them and see them through to success.

Because we see a massive inclusion gap in venture investing we select with prejudice against the founder profile that represents 93% of today’s venture funded companies: 30-ish white male founders. We are seeking mostly women founders, and others with social disadvantages like race, immigration status, sexual or gender orientation, learning differences and others I can’t think of right now. We will seek deals with extremely driven founders that intend to use technology to solve problems and improve the lives of others. We realize this assertion sounds vague and that is because we are not linear thinkers in this group. We trust good data and we trust that our experience will guide our intuition to make the final call when investing our investors’ money and our time in the founders and businesses that meet our criteria.


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