October 9, 2018 Elliott Fey


We will lean heavily toward B2B SaaS, and Direct to Consumer models that are driven by emerging technologies or innovating on existing technologies that solve problems for customers 5x better than anyone else or 10x than “business as usual.”

We believe investing in companies that we understand, which is to say business models that I understand. I have been a fundamental part of a variety of business types including my father’s roofing company, a database development consultancy in the 1990s, an ad agency and creative services firm. More that list includes businesses in web and application development, internet hosting, ISPs, apparel, hospitality, cloud services, cyber security, cryptography, and even a couple of world renowned ski resorts. It is not my assertion that I’m an expert in all or any of these industries but I have a very high level of confidence advising technology companies that produce products that can solve problems for the businesses and consumers of tomorrow.


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